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Personalised Crossword - Free-form

Personalised Crossword - Free-form

This option allows you to make the answer words, and the clues, 100% about the person you're giving the crossword to. The grid is free-form, i.e. it is not a square shape and it is not symmetrical - but we still use our skills to condense the clues into as tight an area as possible, giving it style.

The price we charge depends on the number of clues you want: select the right option for you below.
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    How does it work?
    After you purchase, we will contact you to ask for the words you'd like to be included in the grid. We typically ask for lots of words/ideas about the person you're giving it to, and from this we build the answer words into a grid. We will then use the rest of the words/ideas as part of the clues, so that the whole puzzle is personal to the receiver.

    We send you a draft within 2 weeks, allowing you to request changes, and then we send you a final draft within a further 2 weeks. If you need it quicker than that then please ask - we can't guarantee it but we'll do our best!
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