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Personalised Crossword - 11 x 11

Personalised Crossword - 11 x 11

Grid size: 11 squares by 11 squares

Clues: 15 - 25
Why does this vary? It depends on the grid pattern, and the answer words you want us to include will fit better in some grids than in others

Personal answer words: Up to 7
Why not all? Because as soon as you put an answer word into the grid, it hugely restricts which words can go in the other spaces, thus it becomes very time consuming to get more of the words you want into the grid.

Note: If you're not bothered about the regular structure of the grid (square and symmetrical), we offer a cheaper option where the clues are joined together with no pattern - this is easier to accomplish and allows you to specify 100% of the answer words.
  • Details

    How does it work?
    After you purchase, we will contact you to ask for the words you'd like to be included in the grid. We typically ask for 20-30 words/ideas, from which we will fit up to 7 as answer words. We will then use the rest as part of the clues, so that the whole puzzle is personal to the receiver.

    We send you a draft within 2 weeks, allowing you to request changes, and then we send you a final draft within a further 2 weeks. If you need it quicker than that then please ask - we can't guarantee it but we'll do our best!
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