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Standard Courses​
Beginners Course

​This course teaches the rules of cryptic crosswords, clue structure, and standard and some advanced clue types. It teaches basic and some advanced solving strategies, and techniques for training cognitive functions including memory access, problem solving, and analytic reasoning. By the end of this course, beginners will have the skills to solve most cryptic clues, and techniques to take home and practice.


Intermediate Course

​This course is for those who already have some experience with solving cryptics, and want to develop their knowledge and skills. It teaches advanced solving strategies, as well as methods for setting your own clues - this allows you to get inside the mind of the setter, further developing your solving skills.




Our courses vary in length from 1 - 3 hours,  and can be morning, afternoon or evening, weekdays or weekends. We also do ad-hoc extended courses, summer schools, company away days and more.




Since 2020 our courses are now mainly run online, via Zoom or Teams call. We have also run it in different venues across the UK - please contact us if you would like to discuss a venue near you.




Click here for current prices.



Customised Courses​


We also offer tailor-made classes, workshops and courses - get in touch and let us know exactly what you'd like.

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