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​Our Ethos and Experience

Solving Cryptic Crosswords is about much more than knowing lots of words. The mechanics of solving a clue require an analytic mind, logic and reasoning. To finish a hard cryptic crossword requires a flexible problem-solving approach. At Crossword Tutors we recognise that Crossword Solving improves these higher cognitive skills, and that's why we believe in teaching this valuable brain-training method.

Teaching you can trust

Before setting up Crossword Tutors, founder and Director Kaz Lyon (BSc, MSc, ACA) studied undergraduate Neuroscience for 4 years, postgraduate Neuropsychology for a further year, and postgraduate Complexity Science for 6 months. He was a researcher in the Memory Group at Bristol University's Psychology Department for 2 years. 

His studies and research into how the brain and mind work, with particular focus on memory, gave him a deeper fascination with cryptic crosswords and the application and development of vocabulary networks, memory access and analytic thinking.

Many medical professionals agree that doing some form of regular mental activity is great for keeping brains healthier in later life - at Crossword Tutors we also believe that cryptic crossword solving develops one's ability to tackle problems from several different directions. By training your mind to take a flexible, 'think outside the box' approach, problem-solving - for any project, be it at work, home or elsewhere - becomes far easier and much more fun!

We've taught hundreds of people how to solve cryptic crosswords, and also received dozens of commissions to create personalised cryptic crosswords as gifts.

We have also branched out into puzzle game experiences and have developed products for a range of different audiences, most recently including the University of Edinburgh, and Edinburgh Napier University (2022-2023).


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