Crossword Club is here!

Meet people, make friends, have fun and improve your memory and communication skills, all at once! Join your local Crossword Club

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What is Crossword Club? Following many requests from students on our 'How to Solve Cryptic Crosswords' courses, we have set up local groups where you can continue to learn and improve your crossword solving skills.


Where and when? After you sign up, tell us where you're based and we'll place you in a local Club. Club meetings are held at a friendly venue conducive to social crossword solving, typically a cosy cafe or a bright bar. The Crossword Club Annual Membership gives you 12 monthly sessions of 2 hours each, arranged to suit you.


Who attends? The first session is run by one of our tutors - they will ensure everyone is up to speed with solving strategies and has enough knowledge to get the most out of subsequent group sessions. Groups are between 4 - 8 people, and you can join as an individual or request to be with a friend. Your group will likely comprise of other students from the 'How to Solve' course, although Crossword Club is open to all.


Anything else? Crossword Club Annual Membership costs £24 or £18 concession, and this includes:

- Tutor-led first session to bring you up to speed with solving skills

- Eleven further Club sessions, and ongoing support from a tutor

- Monthly Clue-setting Competition - anyone can submit a cryptic clue and the best one, judged by our panel of cruciverbalists, will win a fantastic crossword solvers' dictionary each month!


To register, or for more information, please email us at:, or use the contact us page.